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Runabouts debuted as Grand Rapids’ original online transportation provider in 2010. Here on our site you will receive upfront pricing and an easy booking experience. Your transportation will be carried out by an experienced resident of the area in a clean vehicle. Our vehicles are company owned and clearly marked. Our drivers are also hospitality and service industry trained and have passed stringent background checks.

Personalized Service


We provide you professional and punctual transportation both in Grand Rapids and regionally.

Upfront Rates


Our rates are easy to calculate and covers your transportation for up to the passenger limit of the vehicle.

No Overbooking


Unlike taxis and rideshares we will not oversell.



Our most popular request is for airport transportation. We advise that you schedule your requests early regardless of the certainty of your flight’s arrival. All flights are tracked and you will be contacted should there be complications caused by delays.

Airport shuttles, buses, car services, limousines, and taxis pickup in the commercial lane at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. That lane is separated from curbside by a median. RUNABOUTS will wait in that lane near the car rental entrance and accessible there by a crosswalk. Please exit by Southwest Airlines and walk across to us. That location is chosen because it is easily identifiable and ahead of the traffic flow. If you need an indoor meeting, note that in your request.