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What is a car service?

See: Taxis & Car Services

What are Runabouts’ hours?

Hours of Operation:
You may schedule a pickup for anytime. All pickups are subject to availability.

Holiday Hours 2018 Schedule:
January 1: OPEN New Year’s Day.
May 28: Memorial Day, LIMITED.
July 4: Independence Day, LIMITED.
September 3: Labor Day LIMITED.
November 22: Thanksgiving Eve is TBD.
November 23: Thanksgiving Day, closed at 1 PM.
December 24: Christmas Eve is TBD.
December 25: Closed Christmas.
December 31 NYE: TBD.

How is availability determined?

Availability is determined by comparing your request against others already scheduled within our system. Check back later in case of cancellations. If the site bounces around with suggestions of different times, then the site cannot fit your request in the available openings.

May I contact Runabouts by phone?

Please use our website to get quotes, check availability, and schedule pickups. If the website fails to recognize your address or flight details, please send an email through the contact us form. Flights successfully entered are tracked and adjusted automatically and dispatched accordingly. Drivers will monitor trains for you. Any additional modifications can be made by logging into your account online.

When may I book or communicate my requests?

Please schedule your transportation requests as soon as possible. It is easier to schedule in advance and cancel later, than to schedule last minute and find no availability. Many Runabouts’ regulars are already scheduled weeks in advance.

Is there a late policy?

Please do not be late. Airport and train transfers are monitored and given leniency. It is driver’s discretion if they can wait more than ten minutes for all other requests. As always, if you are traveling please keep your phone charged.

When booking for airport pickup, what information does Runabouts require?

Please provide your airline, flight number, and expected time of arrival when filling out the booking form. Do NOT add more that 15 minutes for flight arrivals in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Lansing. Chicago and Detroit arrivals may add 30 minutes. Please also submit a contact mobile number and turn that phone on when you disembark.

Where can I find Runabouts at the Grand Rapids airport?

RUNABOUTS may only pickup in the Commercial Lane at the airport. Unless otherwise communicated to you, please follow the signs at the airport to Car Rental. RUNABOUTS will be parked near the entrance to Car Rental.

What are Runabouts’ rates?

Rates can be determined on the home page. They are per trip, not passengers. Rates are as booked.

What do you charge for stops?

You may select up to two stops on the website. Rates are determined up front. Stops are for picking up others en route to your destination.

How is gratuity handled?

Rates do not include gratuity. Gratuity is at your discretion.

What is Runabouts’ cancellation policy?

We ask that you contact RUNABOUTS as soon as you have a cancellation request. Please log in and cancel your pickup, or email with the subject line ‘cancel pickup’.

What types of payment are accepted?

You may pay by cash, credit card, or debit card. Please have matching ID ready for card payments. Sorry, no checks.

Acceptable Credit Cards:
American Express
Master Card

What types of vehicles are available?

2010 Toyota Prius

How many people can the vehicles accommodate?

We prefer to place a maximum of 2-3 in the Prius for comfort. If there are 4 passengers with luggage, then please understand you will need to pack light.

What is Runabouts’ service area?

This is a popular question. If you can book it on our website, we will take you there. We will transport you anywhere TO and FROM the metro Grand Rapids area. Popular destinations include Holland, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Chicago, and Detroit.

Any open container or substance policies?

You may not carry open containers of alcohol into the vehicles. You may not transport illegal substances or smoke cigarettes in the vehicles.

Is there a Lost & Found?

We are not responsible for any baggage, personal items, or anything else left behind in the vehicle. We try to be attentive and contact you immediately when things are found, should we suspect it is yours. If you have lost an item, contact us as soon as possible.

Are charge accounts available?

The following charge account options are available:

Corporate Accounts
This is popular and available for frequent users, companies, and organizations. Corporate accounts are billed weekly, or monthly. Corporate accounts are commonly used for airport and non-emergency medical transportation.

Pre-Paid Accounts
This account option is available upon request.

Why can I not get a quote on the website?
And what can I do if my street is not recognized?

(1) Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser (See: How to enable JavaScript in your browser).
(2) Slow connectivity may hamper quick response from the site, or cause the site to timeout.
(3) An address is not recognized as entered. For example, 123 Woodmeadow may be 123 Wood Meadow.
(4) A street is unlisted by our provider. Please enter the nearest intersection. For example, Monroe and Michigan. Then include a complete address in the ’notes’ section.

Common Entry Errors
Missing directionals (such as: NE, NW, SE, SW, or S Division, E Fulton, etc.)
Typos, or misspellings.

Are there reviews for Runabouts?

Yes, we have found reviews online. Most popular sites are Yelp and Google. Thank you to all those who have left reviews. They are spontaneous and enjoyable to read.

Will we be picking up others like a shuttle?

No, your request is your’s alone.

Will we be following the route on the map?

Not necessarily. The map is used to calculate variables. Both the fastest and shortest routes are used to calculate rates and drive times. What is displayed allows you to verify both end points.

Are child safety seats provided?

Yes, but you must request that in the “notes” portion of the booking. More importantly, well in advance so that the driver is prepared. At least 24 hours in advance.

Have a question not answered here?

Feel free to contact RUNABOUTS with your questions.